Closing Index
HSI Hang Seng China 50 Index H-Shares SHENZHEN A Red Chips SHANGHAI A GEM HS Composite
28,503.30 +274.88 11,276.91 +120.09 4,458.88 +50.48 8,496.52 +86.58 3,837.55 +41.89 130.29 +0.16 3,027 +57.00 9,704.33 +340.61

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Corporate Profile

Quest Stockbrokers (HK) Limited (“QSB”) was incorporated in Hong Kong in 1992 to provide brokerage, custodian and nominee services for institutional and individual clients. QSB has two seats on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and seeks to provide its clients with the highest level of service. QSB is the holder of a Type 1 licence issued by the Securities and Futures Commission of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. QSB has developed into a recognized stockbroker in the Asia Pacific region, QSB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Quest Investments Limited which in turn is a subsidiary of Murchison Holdings Limited(MCH.ASX), both of which are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Our Services


The management team has a combined experience of over a hundred years in the securities industry and our dealing team is supported and complemented by a highly efficient team of administrative staff.Since incorporation, we have established a strong domestic and international client base, the calibre of which reflects an underlying confidence in our organization.In addition to the Hong Kong markets, we have an in-depth knowledge and experience in other markets in South-East Asia and the Asia Pacific region notably Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. Our extensive network of personal contacts in these markets allow us to deliver decisive trading and investment proposals in these key markets.

Custodian and Nominee Services

We provide full custodian and nominees services to our clients including efficient and accurate account information.We have a team of experienced “back office staff”, integrated computer system and a settlement procedure that generates daily and monthly statements and complete after trade settlement records for our clients. Our custodian and nominee services include dividend collection, exercise of shareholder rights entitlement, IPO application, exercise of warrants and share splitting.


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